M/V “Transgard”

Conversion of Ro-Ro to car carrier

The ro-ro vessel “Transgard” was built in 1996 by Umoe Sterkoder, Gdynia based Shiprepair Yard “Nauta” SA took on ambitious project to convert a trailer ro-ro vessel into a car carrier within tight schedule. What is more, the resulting car carrier appeared the biggest volume ship to be converted at “Nauta” so far.


This was a new breed of task for the yard, experienced in lengthening various kinds of ships and conversion of fishing and offshore vessels. This time no lengthening was involved, however, the ship has had its capacity increased as cargo carrying volume within enclosed decks was significantly expended with construction of “garage superstructure” over the existing weather deck. Thus the ship retained its length of 138,5 m, but gained on a height. Four new car decks were built up. These enabled the vessel to carry 1200 car units more than before conversion.

Transgard principal particulars
  Before After conversation
Length o.a 138,5 m 138,5 m
Length b.p 128,0 m 128,0 m
Breadth mld 22,65 m 22,65 m
Depth to weather deck 14,75 m 25,64 m
Depth to deck 1 (old weather deck) - 14,75 m
Depth to main deck 8,65 m 8,65 m
Depth to tank top 3,00 m 3,00 m
Draught summer - 7,07 m
GT 10 570 m3 18 979 m3
NT 3 171 m3 5 694 m3
Deadweight 7 629 t 6 165 t
Deck area 4 750 m2 12 015 m2
Vehicle capacity 96 trailers (40′) 1 480 CUE
Speed 20 knots 20 knots
Ice class Finnish/Swedish 1A super ice class

Scope of activities

  • The conversion involved 850 t of new steel structures installed in shape of new car decks within added superstructure running from just behind existing accommodations block with navigation bridge (located fore) to the transom stern.
  • The new superstructure was prefabricated as six modules with a total length of 106 m. The modules were constructed as thin walled (5.5 mm thick steel sheet) structures and installed on the vessel moored alongside without necessity to dock “Transgard”
  • The new deck area consists of 1900 m2 on deck 1; 2030 m2 on deck 2; 2050 m2 on deck 3; 1940 m2 on deck 4 and 1085 m2 in the new garage deck. Thus the new area extended the total deck area to 12 015 m2, an increase of 235 percent. The new car decks offer roomful 1200 cars, increasing the ship’s total car capacity up to 1480 CEU (Car Equivalent Units). Major cargo access equipment was not altered in the course of conversion. It comprises two MacGregor stern door/ramps., with the larger starboard door having a clear opening of 14,1 m width and 5,3 m height and able to handle units with permissible load of 60 tones. This ramp provides load access to the main deck, from where a fixed ramp starboard leads t the tank top. The smaller stern door and ramp (with maximum load of 55 tones) on the main deck level opens 4,7 by 7 m on the port side and leads up to the former weather deck.
  • On the occasion of conversion, the yard has also replaced 30 t reduction gear with new unit and set up and aligned the whole main propulsion. In addition some 5 km cables and 2 km of hydraulic hoses and piping have been replaced. The new structure added required painting on area of approximately 30 000 m2.
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