M/V “Ya Toivo” (ex. Challenger)

Conversion to diamond searching ship

MV Ya Toivo

The ship was built for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom in 1980′s. Initially, she was designed as the rescue ship and back-up ship for the nuclear powered submarines. Later converted in SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., into so-called diamond searching ship, a type of the vessel to spot and pick-up diamonds from the sea bed.

The main dimensions:
Description Prior to conversion After conversion
Length o.a. 134,00 m 134,00 m
Length b.p. 127,00 m 127,00 m
Breadth moulded 18,00 m 24,00 m
Depth moulded 10,85 m 10,85 m

She is a vessel built with her engine room and the accommodation compartments at stern section, the superstructure and the wheelhouse at her bow section.

While the vessel was still afloat, the certain parts of her were classified as the steel scrap, such as port side and starboard decks in between the forecastle and poop, and the part of the starboard poop deck, all that had to be flame cut off. The whole construction of the helicopter deck was removed for conversion as well as the useless parts of ship’s installations and equipment. At this stage, the vessel has reached sufficient decrease of it’s weight and so it could enter the floating dock of 4500 tons capacity for reconditioning of Voith-Schineidera units, and of the bottom fittings. The sea chests have also been modified and her hull was covered with the shop primer.
After she left the floating dock and was moored alongside the peer, the helicopter deck before dismantled and now rebuilt, was placed back on the forecastle deck and installed, as well as the lengthening section of the wheelhouse. And, at the stern section a new gantry crane has been installed.

Having this vessel partially so equipped, she was towed by a tug to other dock of 26 meters in breadth. There, some of works to increase her beam were carried out. The earlier manufactured sections of sponsons coated with the shop primer and with decks made ready, transverse bulkheads and beams have been installed widening the ship’s hull by 3 m on each side.

When all works on hull were finished including the paint coating, the vessel was brought back on water. At the peer, installation of sponsons above the second deck was continued, the foundations were fitted, masts and other deck equipment have been installed, and all other works were done according to the Shipowner’s specification. While the works at peer were progressing, the ready-installed sponsons were covered with the primer inside and the inner sides of beams too.

Conversion of this vessel with the use of ships’ steel of A Class was done under supervision of the Classification Society RINA. On the yard’s side, the conversion works including design and workshop drawings, preparation of documentation and manuals of ballasting, trimming and vessel’s drought prior to and after conversion, were supervised by the yard’s Department of Projects’ Technical Supervision.
On completion of this task, SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., was honoured with prestigious prize, the “Amber Egg” granted by the National Chamber of Maritime Commerce.

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