M/V “Midnight Hunter"

Conversion to multipurpose vessel

MPV Midnight Hunter

The vessel was built in Singapore, in 1978 as the multipurpose ship to serve the offshore oil platforms. In 1978 she was converted into the sea bed exploration vessel equipped with the facilities for collecting diamonds from the sea bed. After her last conversion at SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., she is a multipurpose vessel now.

The ship has one full length main deck, the engine room at the stern section and additional special purpose chambers at the midship. The superstructure with the wheelhouse and a helicopter deck has been located at the bow section.

One of the main elements of this conversion was lengthening the vessel by a cylindrical insert of 20 m.After the ship was docked and cut in two, the stern section was towed by a tug out the dock and placed alongside the peer. The sections to lengthen the sheep were built ashore. When completed a pneumatic transporters were used to carry them to a nearby floating crane with use of a neutrally levelled bed made of steel sheets laid on the ground. The sufficient outreach of a floating crane’s jib made it possible to place the ready made sections together for completion of welding works. Finally, one large insert was ready for installation, with the technological bulkheads built in plus all equipment and fittings necessary for precise joining it with the stern section, so the next floating crane operation was to lift it up from the peer and to lower it on water. After the bow section was joined together with a new insert fabricated, the stern section of the vessel was pulled on dock and joined together to make one lengthened ship.

Apart of lengthening of the ship the scope of works included the following:

  • dismantling of existing deck crane,
  • change of location and rearrangement of: living compartments, stores, and gear plus control compartments,
  • installation of two drive devices of “Brunvoll” make,
  • installation of the additional bow thruster,
  • installation of two additional generator sets,
  • lengthening of existing piping systems and of electric wirings.

The conversion was done under supervision of the Classification Society RINA. All technical drawings and documentation of ship’s draft, stability and the ballast plans were prepared and supervised by SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A.


The main dimensions:
Description Prior to conversion After conversion
Length o.a. 77,34 m 99,78 m
Length b.p. 73,39 m 95,83 m
Breadth moulded 18,80 m 18,80 m
Height to the main deck 6,71 m 6,71 m
Height to the tweendeck 3,66 m 3,66 m
Height to the bow deck 9,41 m 9,41 m
Summer line drought 5,49 m 5,49 m
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