Dock with tanker tilts in Nauta Shipyard – situation under control

Yesterday (April 27th, 2017) at around 1:30 p.m., floating dock No 1 located in our Gdynia premises holding a Norwegian tanker under the repair gradually tilted and finally came to rest on its side.

The situation was quickly brought under control. All personnel were expeditiously evacuated and no one was injured. Both the dock’s and vessel’s position are now stable and any possible leakages have been secured.

A remotely operated underwater vehicle was used to investigate the conditions of the dock and the seabed. A team of experts has been monitoring the situation and investigating possible causes of the incident. Planning of a salvage operation has been started.

Professional companies with experience in salvage operation have been called to the shipyard to work out an optimal procedure to raise the dock and the ship from the water safely.

Gdynia Port Fire Service and a team of divers have been involved in the salvage operations to deploy spill containment barriers and to carry out the underwater inspection of the incident site.

Nauta Shipyard is in contact with shipowner who is being informed about all plans and actions.

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