M/V "Saga"

Lenghtening of dredger

MV Saga

The special purpose technical ship, a dredger built in Holland in 1985 in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Bureau Veritas. It is an example of the two deck suction dredger equipped with on-loading suction devices and one hold to collect the sand gathered from the seabed. The engine room and the superstructure located at the stern section, and the suction unit engine room at the bow section. She was converted in SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A. in Gdynia, in 1999.

The main task of conversion was lengthening the dredger by a cylindrical insert of 22,68 m long. She was docked and cut into two, the bow section was then towed by tug out from the dock and moored alongside the peer. An insert made of blocks that were built ashore, had to be pneumatically transported on a neutrally levelled bed of steel sheets laid on the ground. The blocks had to be placed within the outreach of the floating crane’s jib. When the said block sections were joined together and welded to form one big insert with technological bulkheads built in and special equipment fitted for alignment of one section with the other, it was then lowered on water and pulled inside the dock to be welded to the stern section. Later the bow section was pulled inside the dock and welded to the already lengthened part of the dredger.

The main dimensions:
Description Prior to conversion After conversion
Length o.a. 82,75 m 105,43 m
Length b.p. 78,23 m 100,68 m
Breadth moulded 16,00 m 16,00 m
Height to the main deck 2 6,15 m 6,15 m
Height to the main deck 1 5,15 m 5,15 m
Drought 4,93 m 5,26 m
Digging depth 27,00 m 27,00 m
Number of bottom hatch ways 18 pcs 30 pcs
Hold’s cubic capacity 2 400,00 cbm 3 896 cbm
Deadweight 2 572,00 t 4 331,00 t

Additionally the scope of conversion included:

  • construction and installation of the bottom holds covers, actuator units and cover runners,
  • extension of the existing piping systems and of electric wirings,
  • installation of additional lightening,
  • construction and installation of the deck crane rails on an insert,
  • reconstruction and enlargement of existing compartments in cargo hold,
  • reconstruction and enlargement of an anchor chain chambers, anchors’ recesses, hawse pipes, chain pipes, replacement of windlass and the anchor chains for the new ones,
  • extension of the drainage pipe.

For the lengthening, the ships’ steel of A Class was used and works were carried out under supervision of the Classification Society Bureau Veritas. All technical drawings, documentation for ballasting and trimming, have been prepared by the Projects’ Technical Service Department of SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., in Gdynia.

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