M/V “Gute”

Lenghtening of Ro-Ro

MV Gute after conversion.

The vessel was built in Sweden, in 1979, in accordance with the rules and regulations of Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS). She is a passenger / RO-RO type of vessel with: bow and stern loading system. Her two decks, the engine room and the superstructure are located at the stern section. In 2004 she underwent conversion in SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., in Gdynia.

The main dimensions:
Description Prior to conversion After conversion
Length o.a. 118,50 m 139,30 m
Length b.p. 110,00 m 130,30 m
Breadth moulded 16,50 m 16,50 m
Height to the main deck 4,45 m 4,45 m
Height to the upper-deck 11,45 m 11,45 m
Drought at stern 3,80 m 3,80 m

One of the conversion tasks was her lengthening by an insert of 20,3 m long. After she was docked and cut in half, the bow section was transported to the edge of the dock with special transportation frames and sliding beams and Teflon used, and secured there. Next, all installations from land were disconnected and the dock was towed by a tug and moored to the peer. The following operation was to place an insert in between two parts of a cut vessel by a floating crane. After it has been successfully done, the dock was tug towed back to yard’s deep-water basin and anchored there. The installations from land were reconnected. The blocks of an insert have been checked for alignment and its position corrected, then they were tack welded, and later welded finally to form one complete section. After the big insert has been neutrally levelled with the strings and control lines placed on ship’s beams, the insert has been pushed to touch contact with the stern section and fastened with clamps. Similarly, after having checked the alignment correctness using the geodetic method for position of one to the other, the bow and an insert. The bow section has been then pushed to the other half of the lengthened hull and welded to it. For the positioning of the hull’s blocks with an insert, the combined hydraulic cylinders activated by a remote control were used.

Apart of lengthening the scope of conversion included:

  • strengthening of the double bottom of the existing hull,
  • installation of a new MOP boat and the derrick plus strengthening of construction in this area,
  • installation of life rafts and the derricks,
  • installation of a new sprinkler system in the engine room, in compartments and in an insert,
  • installation of a new fenders on both ship’s beams,
  • fabrication and installation of bilge keels on an insert,
  • extension of the existing piping systems and of electric wirings,
  • installation of zinc anodes on an insert,
  • new paint coating and maintenance.

The ships’ steel of A and AH 36 Class were used for the conversion, and works were carried out under supervision of the Classification Society Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS). All technical drawings, technological documentation of stability, ballasting prior to and after lengthening plus the technology manuals necessary to carry out the conversion have been prepared by SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., in Gdynia.

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