M/V “Örfirisey”

Lenghtening of trawler

Hull insert positioning for MV Orfrisey

The vessel was built in Norway, in 1987 in accordance with the rules and regulations of DNV. She is a stern fishing trawler with a large work-deck. Her two reefer holds, the fish factory plant and the engine room are all located at the stern section. The accommodation area has been located at the bow section, plus the superstructure at the midship. In 1998 she was converted in SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., in Gdynia.

The main dimensions
Description Prior to conversion After conversion
Length o.a. 54,65 m 64,55 m
Length b.p. 46,20 m 56,10 m
Breadth moulded 12,80 m 12,80 m
Height to the main deck 5,40 m 5,40 m
Height to the slip-deck 8,00 m 8,00 m

During her conversion, a cylindrical insert of 9,9 m long comprising of the upper and bottom parts has been used to lengthen her. After the vessel was docked, she was cut the following way: the cutting line was running through deckhouse, the slip-deck and through the beam plating vertically to the weld between hull’s side plating above the main deck, and thereafter along the beams parallel to the deck in bow direction, and further vertically down to the keel. The pneumatic pulling devices and transportation beams were used to tow away the stern section from the bow section. Next, the floating crane has transported the upper and lower sections of an insert and it has placed them in between drawn apart sections of a cut ship. Using the transportation beams the bottom section of an insert was transported towards the bow section and finally welded to it onto the bow butt, the upper section of an insert has been welded onto the stern butt of the stern section.

Additionally the scope of conversion included:

  • completion of the trawling deck and of the main deck by closing the hatches,
  • extension of the existing piping systems and of the electric wirings,
  • installation of additional lightening,
  • installation of a high bulwark in an insert area,
  • fabrication of the boat-deck in an insert area,
  • modification of the fixed fish box,
  • construction of frozen products compartment on the main deck, port side,
  • construction of freezing duct,
  • construction of new compartments on the trawling deck,
  • dismantling of the old hatch covers and installation of the new ones on the trawling deck and inside the fish plant,
  • completion of the hull construction after the side crane was removed,
  • disassembly of ice unit and its removal, disassembly of ice store,
  • fitting of freezing installation,
  • construction of accommodation compartments.

For the conversion the ships’ steel of A Class was used and works were carried out under supervision of the Classification Society Det Norske Veritas (DNV). All technical drawings, technological documentation of conversion have been prepared by the Projects’ Technical Service Department of SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., in Gdynia.

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