Nauta to built SOV for Dudgeon wind farm

Nauta Shiprepair Yard has signed contract with Havyard Ship Technology AS for the building partly outfitted windmill service vessel. The unit will operate on Dudgeon wind farm, outside the coast of Norfolk in Great Britain.

According to the contract the unit is scheduled for delivery to the customer in September 2016. The ship will be over 83 meters long and 17 wide. The vessel has been developed by Havyard Design & Solutions. The ship's main job will be to provide accommodation for and carry personnel and equipment for the performance of service and maintenance on offshore windmills. Among other things, this means that the ship has a specialised gangway system that makes it possible to transfer personnel from the ship to the windmills in harsh weather conditions. Otherwise, emphasis has been placed on good facilities and comfort for the personnel on board, the ability to stay in position by the windmills, and environmentally friendly and economical transit between onshore bases and the windmills offshore. Vessel has a foreship designed to have good properties in both calm and rough seas and a stern with twin skegs that improve the performance of the hull and propellers and their operating economy.

The contract with Norwegian shipyard may be a beginning of the ongoing cooperation between shipyards – says Ewa Jagielska Director of Marketing in New Building Department in Nauta Shipyard. Previously we signed the letter of intent about cooperation – the customer is interested about building next ships, that can be completed in 2015 and 2016.

For Nauta is yet second contract for building support vessel. First ship - Platform Supply Vessel SIEM Symphony – was launched in March 2014. The diversified product offer is a strongpoint for Nauta Shipyard certainly. We are not limited to the one market segment, but we are building ships of different type - both fishing trawlers, as well as research vessels and special support ships, so as SOV (Service Operations Vessel) and PSV (Platform Supply ). Offering diverse products, we are able to build the strong position, in spite of hesitations on the shipbuilding market - Ewa Jagielska is adding.

Danish company ESVAGT will be the vessel operator. ESVAGT operates in the fields of emergency response and anchor-handling vessels, safety training, oil spill response and personnel transport and service for offshore accommodation modules and wind farms. ESVAGT has a fleet of 39 ships and additionally five newbuilds, including the three vessels under construction at Havyard.

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