Significant projects

Lenghtening of trawler: M/V “FAXI – RE 9″

The vessel was built in Norway, in 1987 as the purse seiner for gunwhales fishing. In 1991 she was converted and adapted for the bottom trawl layout and pelagic trawl with the beg net as well as for fishing with use of the ring net. She was again converted in year 2000, this time in SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., in Gdynia.

Conversion to diamond searching ship: M/V “Ya Toivo” (ex. Challenger)

The ship was built for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom in 1980′s. Initially, she was designed as the rescue ship and back-up ship for the nuclear powered submarines. Later converted in SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., into so-called diamond searching ship, a type of the vessel to spot and pick-up diamonds from the sea bed.

Ship lenghtening: M/V “Lysblink” “Lysvik” and “Lysbris”

The vessel LYSBLINK was built according to the rules and regulations of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in AGB Shipyard in Surat, India, in 1998, as a paper carrier with the side-door loading system. The ship with two decks, one cargo hold, the engine room and the superstructure at the stern section, also designed for carrying containers on the main deck and on the tweendeck as well as on the inner bottom.

Conversion to chemical carrier: M/V “Copernicus”

The vessel was built in German yard Peters & Co., in 1987 as a dry bulk cargo and containers carrier. In 2001 she was converted at SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., into the chemical carrier having six self-supporting cargo tanks built in, each one them 35 tons of weight, and these are not the part of hull’s construction.

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