M/V “Copernicus”

Conversion to chemical carrier

MV Copernicus

The vessel was built in German yard Peters & Co., in 1987 as a dry bulk cargo and containers carrier. In 2001 she was converted at SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A., into the chemical carrier having six self-supporting cargo tanks built in, each one them 35 tons of weight, and these are not the part of hull’s construction.

The main dimensions:
Length o.a. 73,85 m
Length b.p. 70,20 m
Breadth scantling 11,50 m
Height 5,40 m
Drought 4,38 m

In order to build up separated cargo sections in to which the said cargo tanks were meant to be placed, the yard has fabricated three transverse corrugated bulkheads and two other bulkheads have been delivered by the ship Owner, all of them were installed in the said cargo hold. On the bottom of each so separated compartments a special foundation was installed, on top of which the cargo tanks were lowered and mounted. The existing hatch covers were reconstructed for deck sections and permanently welded closing the deck at the hatch coamings area. The same material was also used to construct the missing part of the deck section.

Additionally, in the bow section of the vessel a compartment for auxiliary engines was separated, and there a new generator plant was installed plus also the hydraulic unit of “Framo” type and the fuel and oil tanks.

The stern control house was lowered by 3m and installed under the poop deck for good. In the bottom under the control house, the duct was located inside of which a compartment was separated to form a condensation tank. Above the tank, a double storey boiler-room was arranged in which a steam boiler was installed to provide steam for: cargo heating, heating of sanitary water and water for cleaning the tanks as well as water for the sprinklers. Under the poop deck and above the boiler-room, a cargo control room was arranged. The original chimney was removed and after the exhaust pipes in the engine room were extended, a new earlier fabricated and higher then the original chimney was installed.

For the conversion of the vessel the ship’ steel of A Class was used, and the works were supervised by Classification Society the Germaischer Lloyd (GL). All necessary technical drawings for GL approval and workshop drawings, as well as the ship’s stability and calculated draft documentation prior to, and after the conversion of the vessel, were prepared by SHIPREPAIR YARD “NAUTA” S.A.

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